Friday, 21 November 2003

DINING: Low-carb teriyaki not just a dieter’s dream
by Sue Kidd
Journal Reporter
There are two things that usually aren’t compatible when it comes to restaurant dining: a low-carbohydrate diet and a teriyaki joint. Sticky white rice and sugar-laden teriyaki sauce quickly can put a diabetic or low-carb eater way over their carb limits for the day (or week) — and only in one sitting.

Now there’s a new restaurant concept riding the Atkins wave — Teriyaki, etc. They serve sugar-free teriyaki sauce and can up the veggies and ax the rice — all for the sake of reducing the carbs. Or, the chef in charge, Christine Sim, can substitute lower-carb brown rice instead of the high-carb white rice. All a customer has to do is ask.

“On our menu, if you call out the order, all you have to say is `Atkins style’ and it means no rice and extra salad. We also have the Anti-Atkins. It’s exactly the reverse, extra rice and no salad,” said Sam Sim, who retired from Microsoft to start the restaurant with his wife, Christine, who left behind a job as a social worker.

Sam has always been interested in healthy living. He’s athletic — he plays in a soccer league — and he eats well. He’s noticed a lot of friends are skipping carbs and opting to eat chicken breasts and brown rice instead of the darker, fattier cuts of meat and white rice. He thought if he put the healthier options on the menu, he could attract an audience that restaurants largely ignore — low-carbers and other healthy eaters.

So far it’s worked well. More than 250 people showed up for opening day a few months ago.

Christine created the menu with taste and health in mind. Her sugar-free sauces and marinades, all made from scratch, contain vinegar and sugar substitutes, along with other low-carb ingredients. She also offers salads with organic green leaf lettuce.

In addition to offering healthier foods, the couple are committed to helping the community. So far, they’ve donated meals for family nights at the nearby YMCA. They also raised $1,200 in September for mission funds for local churches.

The Sims live on the Sammamish Plateau. Their restaurant is located at 11511 N.E. 195th St., Bothell. Call 425-489-2901 or visit They recently began taking orders by e-mail, as well.